Win-Win-Win Philosophy

To have a successful hiring placement, it HAS to be a win-win situation. At Extract Talent, we elevate that approach: we believe in a Win-Win-Win philosophy at all times.

And this philosophy makes us different than the competition. At Extract Talent, we work with our candidates to uncover what truly motivates them in their careers and their lives. And we partner with our clients to understand what precisely they need in each role - from an experience and a leadership style perspective. By bringing these pieces of the puzzle together, we create a catalyst to change an organization for the short and the long term. We build relationships and develop then into long-term partnerships.

Win #1 - For the Candidate

It must be a job that inspires, fulfills, and connects deeply with the candidate’s vision and goals. The right leader in the right role will experience a transformation in the quality of their life at a personal and professional level.

Win #2 - For the Company

We are mission-focused on helping companies fill a critical role with a transformational leader who is so inspired by the opportunity that they positively elevate the culture, strategy and growth of the entire organization.

Win #3 - For the Future

We do not “catch and release”. We “catch and cultivate”. We remain engaged as a trusted advisor to continue developing the leadership, communication and growth for that candidate, the department, and the entire organization.

"Look, my job as HR - it is the ultimate sales job...asking (candidates) to buy into a vision you have laid out to them. But the candidate is making all the sacrifices. Some recruiters say, 'I got them in. I did my job,' and then move on. But Nancy, she stays in contact with people. She really does look at it like a long-term relationship - be it the candidate or the company. This is a long-term deal, and she wants it to be beneficial."

- Human Resources Director