Inspirational Inquiry Approach

Inspiration is the fundamental spark needed for people to make a change. Top talent (Purple Squirrels) will only move if they see a more compelling future. Our inquiry-based approach helps our clients decipher what is possible for their company and helps top talent (Purple Squirrels) discern what is their unique offer.

Thought Starters for the Company
What is your offer? What makes your company unique? What is critical to this position? What kind of human are you really looking for (beyond skills and resume)?

Thought Starters for the Top Talent “Purple Squirrel”
What is a more compelling vision of the future? What keeps you up at night and what gets you out of bed in the morning? What is a future you have yet to imagine?

Our Inquiry = Your Insights

Extract Talent GIF - Magic Wand with visible sparkles

We coach companies to help uncover what is an inspirational opportunity for their talent and candidates to craft their vision of a compelling future before bringing an opportunity to them.

As experts with over 30 years of experience using an inquiry-coaching approach, we listen for character attributes, mindset, cultural fit, leadership capacity and natural strengths to assess the fit. Our proprietary approach opens new insights for our Purple Squirrels Community and surfaces their most powerful motivators.

When Purple Squirrels are presented with the right opportunity at the right time, these leaders have the insight to see what is possible for themselves and their teams, their fellow leaders, and the future of the company. This unique approach delivers the perfect match between an inspirational opportunity for our clients and the top talent for our companies.

"I was adamant that I was going to use Extract Talent for my search as I knew that I was going to get the right person for the role. I knew I could be honest and open about everything I wanted - not just what is on paper but how that person needed to fit into the team. Nancy not only thinks about the best paper fit, she also thinks about the best cultural fit based on the makeup of my team, based on the company, my department, and the opportunity."

- Vice President of Marketing