Serious ROI - Saving You Time and Money

Companies often have a pivotal position they must fill quickly with the perfect candidate. They know every moment that that seat is empty creates a huge negative impact on the organization.

Finding that ideal candidate does not have to be difficult or time consuming. Imagine what you could do if you had three perfect candidates in just weeks rather than months. They were perfectly vetted, fit your criteria, and they were not on anybody else’s radar.

Our proven process reduces precious time to hire, increases fit for long term success, and saves money in the short and long term.

Two key facts to know. Our placement rate is 97%. Better yet, our client’s retention rate for those placements is five years or more. That is some serious ROI.

Our Placement Rate

Extract Talent GIF - 97%

Client's Retention Rate

Image - Plus 5 Year or More

"With Extract Talent, we get over 90% retention of the candidates they place vs 50% or less with the other recruiters."

- Vice President of Human Resources