Strategically Specialized in the Hardest to Find Talent

Some recruiting companies try to do it all. They have built large organizations with automation software and extensive CRM models to help you fill ALL roles. But we are not like other recruiters.

As talent experts in the Oil and Gas sector, Extract Talent focuses exclusively on Downstream Refining, Chemicals and Catalysts and within those sectors, we specifically find talent in the Operations, Technology, and Commercial fields. We place senior talent and high-potential younger leaders, nationally and internationally.

And that is it! If you are looking for someone within these parameters, and have a compelling offer to make, we can find the talent for you!

"Nancy is not about just getting bodies into positions. She is about creating wealth and building equity in customers and candidates. She has a niche focus and is strategic about it. I go to her for the hard searches, most critical to the organization."

- Vice President of Human Resources